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The Chairman's message
I am very much delighted to be elected the Chairman of the Association of Hong Kong Photographic Equipment Importers again. This is my fifth term to serve the Association as Chairman and going to be the most challenging one.

We have seen setbacks and changes in the Association in the past two years interlacing with plenty of adversities in the trade and complex macro-environment locally and globally.

As you may be aware, there are a few of new faces in the newly formed Executive Committee. They will be our new driving force and source of creativity and vitality. Let's hope the Association will thrive in a positive and prosperous manner in the year ahead.

In fact, the photographic trade is on a crossroad where we see overwhelming population of amateurs who immerse themselves into selfies and snapshots with their phones merging with the mainstream of digital camera shooters. It is how we capitalize this immense opportunity in turning the phone shooters into camera shooters that gives us the tremendous prospect. Optical superiority, ever-advancing digital technology, and creative marketing and promotional concepts could be the way ahead.

All our Association members are at the forefront of the photographic industry. We should work closely to promote digital photography as a hobby, an art and a culture.

I look forward to your continued support and contribution to the Association as well as the trade so that we can all prosper and thrive.

Jimmy Wan
Jimmy Wan 尹競生 會長 
Jimmy Wan 尹競生

Nikon Hong Kong Ltd.
Lam Tuk Chi 林篤之 副會長 
Lam Tuk Chi 林篤之

Supply Consultants Ltd.
Solomon Chow 周家倫 秘書 
Solomon Chow 周家倫

Canon Hongkong Co., Ltd.
David Ho 何煥欽 司庫 
David Ho 何煥欽

Fuji Photo Products Co., Ltd.
Vincent Lee 李永祥 執行委員 
Vincent Lee 李永祥

Tamron Industries (HK) Ltd.
Blondie S.P. Poon 潘素冰 執行委員 
Blondie S.P. Poon 潘素冰

Nissin Marketing Ltd.
Kristy Yeung 楊浩文 執行委員 
Kristy Yeung 楊浩文

Faith Photo Ltd.
Hui Ming Yue 許明儒 執行委員 
Hui Ming Yue 許明儒

Sino Promise Holdings Ltd.
Honorable Advisor
Kwan Ling Tak 關令德
Kwan Ling Tak 關令德

Shriro (HK) Ltd.
Benjamin Kwan 關本明
Benjamin Kwan 關本明

Andrew Lee 李 良
Andrew Lee 李 良

HKC Group

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